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The Acorn Theatre
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March 27, 2019


May 12, 2019

Story for Sincerely, Oscar

"SINCERELY, OSCAR" is a Fantasy Escape into a World Gone By"

A unique new musical highlighting Oscar Hammerstein’s journey to become Broadway’s greatest lyricist. The musical explores Oscar’s life in his words while showcasing over 30 of his greatest songs from shows like The Sound of Music, Show Boat, Oklahoma!, Carousel, South Pacific, Allegro and more.

“Oscar Hammerstein was more than just a lyricist…his words provided hope and joy to generations,” said director Dugg McDonough. “We look forward to sharing the stories behind the lyrics.”

Utilizing state-of-the-art 3D holographic technology called IceMagic, the imagery is often referred to as a hologram. The visual effect is created through a specialized projection system and it is the first time this holographic technology will be implemented on the Off Broadway stage.

Whether your musical palette drives you toward graceful vocals, engaging theatricality or captivating storytelling, there’s a strong and powerful fusion of all three in “SINCERELY, OSCAR”.

We all know what words Oscar Hammerstein wrote…......We now learn WHY he wrote them in the must-see, new musical!