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The story of Dr. Peter Peterson, a prominent NY therapist trying to help his patients...and help himself. The new musical by Al Tapper. The new musical about a therapist and his patients.
Dr. Peter Peterson listens, advises and tests his patients. What good therapist wouldn’t? Particularly when your group includes: a bickering marriage just won’t go away, a rich kid who found his voice in Bob Dylan, a reluctant man who has longed for the same woman for 15 years, a young woman who has spent so much time in therapy she might get out, a billionaire who finds no solace in his money, a strong willed woman with a dark secret, and a provocative siren in high heels... At once a drama and a comedy with poignant and hilarious moments alike, Sessions is a new musical for a modern generation. After all, couldn’t we all use a little therapy?

Length: 2 hrs


Algonquin Theater

123 E 24th St. (between Park Ave South and Lexington Ave) New York, NY 10010