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"SAIDA, a parable of the Holy Land in an image of a woman, is a Commedia dell'arte, Middle Eastern style, written in Tunisia by dramatist and journalist Tuvia Tenenbom. As the Middle East rages with revolution, The Jewish Theater of NY is extremely happy to offer a little advice to the perplexed."

As the Middle East boils and rages, and as American foreign policy makers zigzag every Monday and Thursday, The Jewish Theater of New York is extremely happy to offer a little advice to the perplexed. Welcome to Tunisia, land of hotel servants turned revolution makers, and be greeted by Saida, Tunisia's most beautiful lady, who is heavily courted by two visiting guests: One Jew, one Arab. Two men vie for the love of Tunisia's most beautiful female, the 19-year-old Saida. One is Sheikh Abu Ali, the 69-year-old leader of the Palestinian Secret Service. The other is the much younger Colonel Juda, the leader of the Israeli Secret Service. As the Sheikh runs to Saida's father, promising a dowry of millions, the Colonel runs to Saida, swearing eternal love and hottest of kisses. Do any of the men really love the girl, or is it just a battle for honor between two masters? And who, if any, will win Saida at last?

Saida, you must know, is in a little predicament these days. Before the week is over she must decide which of the two men will father her children -- and she cannot zigzag. Which man would you advise her to marry, the Arab or the Jew? Come on in to offer your five cents. But do pay attention to this: Both men are Secret Service agents, and so it's up to you to find out if what they say is true, how much of it, or if any...


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