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Presented by Potomac Theatre Project.
June 30 - July 26, 2009

The Europeans by Howard Barker
Directed by Richard Romagnoli
The Europeans is set in the aftermath of the climactic struggle between Christianity and Islam in the seventeenth century. A harrowing love story, dramatizing the power of the individual to subvert the political mayhem which political systems impose on people.
THE EUROPEANS is sponsored by Mr. David Treitel.

Therese Raquin by Neal Bell Directed by Jim Petosa
"Neal Bell's exciting new adaptation, from the novel, keeps the grit and erotic animality, but throws out the cumbersome apparatus, letting the sordid story breath and compressing it into a series of tight, poetically written short scenes, using the grotesque tiny details to imply feelings and situations in vivid shorthand: Naturalism as haiku." Michael Feingold, The Village Voice
THERESE RAQUIN is sponsored by Ms.Rosalind Walrath and Mr. Richard Edelman.


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