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If your kids have been using your expensive pots and pans as stand ins for that drum set they’ve been dreaming about, we bet they’ll get a real kick out of the new monthly series at the Player’s Theatre. Young musicians will have the opportunity to make their own percussion instruments before the performance - with help from the members of Percussion People, of course. And kids will be everywhere, including the stage - the group includes twelve-year-old Emily Sgouros. Children will recognize some of the more familiar instruments, like bongos and triangles, and will also be introduced to marimbas, Italian tambourines, djembe drums and more as Percussion People explores the history of percussion and its role in various cultures - all with dynamic demonstration.

And at the end of the show your child can take home his instrument - which means your pots and pans can actually be used for cooking once again. All ages. - Colleen Hampton.

This interactive family concert includes an instrument building workshop prior to the concert where audience members not only enjoy the music but help to create it. The group of rebel-rousing musicians led by music director Michael Sgouros includes 11 year-old percussionist Emily Sgouros. Percussion People performs the first Sunday of each month at the Players Theatre located at 115 MacDougal Street in the West Village. With help from the members of "Percussion People", children of all ages can create their own instruments while learning about bongos, triangles, marimbas, tambourines, djembe drums and more. The Percussion People then perform a concert. Kids can join in the fun using their own creations, which they're free to take home after the show. Now in their 7th smash season, Percussion People continues its 2012 season at the Players Theatre. The ensemble will take you through their unique collection of percussion instruments. These include tuned percussion such as marimba, vibraphone, orchestra bells and tympani; non-tuned percussion such as drumset, bass drum, snare drum and cymbals; plus an array of ethnic percussion such as djembe, bongos, afuche and many more.

You'll have a chance to build your own percussion instrument to use during the show prior to the performance in a special Instrument Building Workshop. You'll also have a chance to try some of the instruments used during the show at the end of the performance. Featured on the CBS Early Morning Show and as a weekend pick by Time Out New York Kids, Percussion People is a perfect opportunity for young audiences to learn and experience live music.

Percussion People- Michael Sgouros, director, Emily Sgouros, Jack Mansager, Andy Beal.


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