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138 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10019
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Cort Theatre

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Cort Theatre
138 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10019
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2 hours and 20 minutes (with 1 intermission)


May be inappropriate for 14 and under


Sept. 11, 2014


Jan. 4, 2015

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Story for This Is Our Youth

Set in New York in 1982, This Is Our Youth follows forty-eight hours in the lives of three very lost young souls: Warren (Michael Cera), a dejected nineteen year old who has just stolen $15,000 from his abusive, tycoon father; Dennis (Kieran Culkin), his charismatic drug-dealing friend who helps Warren put the stolen money to good use; and Jessica (Tavi Gevinson), the anxiously insightful young woman who Warren yearns for. Funny, painful and compassionate, This Is Our Youth is a living snapshot of the moment when many young people go out into the world on their own, armed only with the ideas and techniques they developed as teenagers – far more sophisticated than their parents realize, and far less effectual than they themselves can possibly imagine.

Critics’ Reviews for This Is Our Youth

"Sensational! Under [Anna D. Shapiro'ss] direction, "Youth" becomes more explosively physical than I recalled it, a ballet of gracefully clumsy collisions. And Mr. Cera, Mr. Culkin and Ms. Gevinson imprint highly legible and individual signatures onto their characters, in ways that extend into every inch of their postures."

Ben Brantley, The New York Times

"Michael Cera, making his New York stage debut, once again perfectly captures being an awkward man-boy, while veteran fashionista and acting newbie Tavi Gevinson matches his goofy nervous energy. Kieran Culkin is marvelous as their smug, narcissistic friend. Spending two hours watching these wealthy, unmoored slackers is a treat, even without the contact high. "

Mark Kennedy, Associated Press

"Cera mines every ounce of Warren's comedy and ache. His forlorn charm...makes you want to hug him. Culkin brings just the right cockiness for Dennis. The lesser-known Gevinson, who's famous in fashion circles, is the show's wild card -- and she's an ace"

Joe Dziemianowicz, The New York Daily News