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The mirror Theater presents a new play by Brad T. Gottfred & Hoanne Mosconi. The Pink Dinosaur cafe bears witness to four couples evolving and dissolving attractions and attachments. Arden has fallen for the alluring Jacqueline only neither of them is ready for the chemistry between them. Arden’s business partner, Billy, has proposed to Lily. At first glance they appear to be the perfect couple, but both harbor desires they have not had the courage to confront. Lily’s best friend, Jean, tries to use the engagement news to escape from her violent marriage to Vince only to be trapped by her own destructive mind. Jean’s brother, Doc, finally breaks up with the eccentric Victoria yet cannot seem to break free.

Each of the couple’s promise and problems clash at the engagement party, leaving every one unsure who they want to marry, who they want to f***, and who they want to kill.


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