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David Lamb has done it again, in this new play that will have you falling out of your seat laughing. This hilarious romantic comedy about today's music, the media, and the choices we make, will make you laugh out loud and leave you feeling inspired.

He went from having nothing to having everything, from the projects to the penthouse. From Rikers Island to owning his own South Pacific island. His face is on billboards and magazine covers all over the world. Men wanna be him, women want to be with him. Supermodels, super-yachts, super-mansions-his life in one word is- Superior! But when the cameras are gone and no one is watching, he remembers the one who got away.

On the night he wins 7 music awards for his best-selling multi-platinum album, will the biggest superstar on the planet give it all up for the love of a woman?

If you have seen Platanos Y Collard Greens, and you are looking for another evening of fun, love and laughs then you will love King of the World!


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