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JULIUS CAESAR Presented by Theater Breaking Through Barriers (formerly Theater By The Blind).
In JULIUS CAESAR, political intrigue and unrest surround the title character, as a group of politicians plot to assassinate the potential dictator, whom they fear plans to turn Rome into a monarchy. Marcus Brutus, Caesar’s closest confidant, struggles with the conflicting demands of honor, patriotism and friendship. Along with the older Cassius, Brutus sides with the senators and assassination soon follows. With its many famed quotes, the language in JULIUS CAESAR is easily recognizable: ‘Et tu, Brute?’ and ‘Friends, Romans, countrymen….’ The questions about leadership and the intoxicating effects of power resound in the current political climate. Theater Breaking Through Barriers has set JULIUS CAESAR in modern times, with politicians in designer suits and soldiers in American military dress. TBTB has achieved great success with Shakespearean plays presented during past seasons – Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Hamlet. The New York Times said that A Midsummer Night’s Dream was ‘an inspired choice for Theater By The Blind… fascinating… ingenious,’ and ’the most intriguing thing is how the company stages the play with just six actors.’ said ‘You owe it to yourself to see Romeo and Juliet.’ And Play added ‘Productions like this are the best example of why live theatre so deservedly continues to endure and thrive, and how such risk-taking can redefine the parameters of future envelopes to be pushed.’ The Times called Hamlet: ‘Playful, punchy, contemporary… An admirable, often intriguing production… with actors who show signs of having actually analyzed Shakespeare’s language… the audience can understand the meaning of every word.’ said, ‘A well acted marvel of economy and energy… Fresh and accessible… As involving and engaging a production as I think it’s possible to have.’

Run Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes with one intermission

Performance Dates: April 18, 2009 - May 17, 2009


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