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Ages 4 and up
May 7, 2016
Jun 11, 2016
Jun 19, 2016


I Don’t Know Why He Loves Me is a dynamic, heart stopping, emotional roller-coaster ride filled with joy, tears and yes, a few Amen’s, as the characters overcome loss and experience triumph. The power of true love knows no bounds. It seeks no gain for itself but yet it feels every pain. There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out all fear. It is said that love and hate bear a thin line, but man knows no greater love than this, that he would give his life for his friend.

I Don’t Know Why He Loves Me confronts the social issues of today that we live with and are afraid to address. It speaks to those secret places in our lives that we don’t often talk about. It allows us to shine a light on who we are. It does not allow us to walk by a mirror without stopping to take a look and seek the one who can take the broken pieces and put them back together to create a better “me”.

Life is a journey and on this journey we sometime need encouragement to say, “Yes, I can.”, and “Yes, I will.” I Don’t Know Why He Loves Me lets us know that even when we don’t love ourselves there is someone who does.


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