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Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

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About The Humans - On Broadway

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Running Time
95 minutes (no intermission)
Ages 15 and up
Jan 23, 2016
Feb 18, 2016
Jan 15, 2017

The Humans Reviews

The finest new play of the Broadway season so far -- by a long shot -- Mr. Karam's drama has been beautifully transferred from Off Broadway...with the production's prized virtues intact: a peerless cast, whose members all inhabit their characters as if they've been living in their itchy skins forever...
Charles Isherwood, The New York Times
There is so much love, dread, tenderness and brutality in The Humans that it is hard to believe just 90 minutes pass through Stephen Karam's deeply-felt family tragicomedy thriller...
Linda Winer, Newsday
The Humans is just as funny, just as moving and just as sneakily unsettling in its new Broadway incarnation, and retains its essential intimacy...
Adam Feldman, Time Out NY


The Humans” is the winner of 4 Tony Awards including BEST PLAY, BEST FEATURED ACTOR (Reed Birney) and BEST FEATURED ACTRESS (Jayne Houdyshell). Charles Isherwood of The New York Times cheers, “Stephen Karam’s play is a major discovery — blisteringly funny, bruisingly sad, and altogether wonderful; it’s the best play of the year.” New York Magazine raves, “‘The Humans’ is not just a play for now, but for all time. It’s the best play of the year.” It’s “hilarious, heartbreaking and unforgettable — the best play of the year,” says Entertainment Weekly.

The Chicago Tribune cheers, “Few writers of Stephen Karam’s generation have achieved anything like ‘The Humans.’ Inestimably kind, rich and beautiful; it’s the best play of the year, and the best new play in years.” It’s “a play of uncommon strengths: fresh, funny, piercing and perceptive” (Daily News). The Hollywood Reporter calls it “infectiously joyful, unimpeachably honest, and tremendously moving — the best play of the year,” and Peter Marks of The Washington Post writes, “It’s the best play of the year. This is what Broadway needs more of: extraordinary ‘Humans.’”