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Four times triumphant on Broadway, the award-winning Flying Karamazov Brothers' unforgettable spectacle of music, comedy, dance, theater and juggling is hilarious and thrilling. It's fun unleashed, 100 minutes of cleverness and comedy that go by in a flash. It's the Julliard String Quartet meets Monty Python, and as close to a sure thing as can be found onstage. Come join the Flying K's in proving, with each unique performance, that the unexpected events in our lives are the best part of being human.

THE GAMBLE: The audience is invited to bring objects to the theater for the Karamazovs to keep airborne in a real challenge that ends either with a pie in the face or a standing ovation.

The Flying Karamazov Brothers is:
Theatre. But Funnier
Music. But Funnier
Dance. But Funnier
Juggling. But Funnier
Comedy. But Funnier


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