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The Lounge at Roy Arias Stages

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About Drunk Shakespeare - Off Broadway

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Ages 21 and up
Nov 21, 2014

Drunk Shakespeare Reviews

Zany, Rowdy and Debaucherous
The New York Times
A live action Drunk History
Shakespeare shaken and stirred
Lonely Planet


One professional NY actor has at least 5 shots of whiskey and then attempts to perform in a Shakespearean play.

The stage is set at The Lounge, a hidden library in Times Square with over 15,000 real books and craft cocktails. 5 professional NY actors meet as members of "The Drunk Shakespeare Society". One of them has at least 5 shots of whiskey and then overconfidently attempts to perform a major role in a Shakespearean play. Hilarity and mayhem ensues while the four sober actors try and keep the script on track. Every show is different depending on who is drinking... and what they're drinking! More performances of Shakespeare than any other company in NY!

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The Lounge at Roy Arias Stages

711 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10019

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