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Dark light, the Horror Play is presented by Jagged Night Theatre. Emily can take care of herself. But when she and her little brother, Tim, are abducted by a costumed psychopath during a trip to the circus, Emily’s strength is put to the test. Waking to find herself imprisoned in an abandoned underground facility, Emily discovers a group of strangers who are also trapped in the depths. As test subjects in a twisted experiment, the group must navigate a living nightmare in which they have no control—while something pulls them, one by one, into the darkness. Now, fighting to rescue her missing brother, Emily must face something even more tormenting than her underground prison as a terrifying new light is shed on a dark past.

Caution: This show contains explicit language, stage blood, staged violence, and gruesome or scary images. Not recommended for children or people with heart conditions.

LIMITED ENGAGEMENT: October 21-31, 2011


Triskelion Arts Zoo Theater

118 North 11th Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn (between Berry Street & Wythe Avenue)