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Mar 22, 2017
Apr 28, 2017


In Michael McKeever's compelling new play, Daniel's Husband, we see Daniel and Mitchell enjoying life as the Perfect Couple. Perfect house, perfect friends, even a mother who wants them to wed. What isn't perfect is that Daniel longs to be married and Mitchell does not. A turn of events forces both men to face the consequences of their opposing views, and they learn that they are living in a world where fundamental rights aren't always so fundamental.

Proclaimed by the Miami Herald as "beautifully crafted, powerfully realized and emotionally devastating," Daniel's Husband takes an unflinching look at how we choose to Tie the Knot. Or not.

Featuring: Emmy Winner Anna Holbrook (“Another World,” The Dolphin Position), Tony nominee Lou Liberatore (Burn This, Sight Unseen), Matthew Montelongo (A View from the Bridge, One Night), Ryan Spahn (Exit Strategy, Gloria), and Leland Wheeler (We Need to Talk About Kevin, "Blue Bloods").


Cherry Lane Theatre

38 Commerce Street
New York, NY