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Based on the true story of a daring voyage to rescue six Irish prisoners from an Australian penal colony in 1875, CATALPA is a "rip-roaring theatrical adventure" in the great epic tradition of Moby Dick and The Great Escape.
,br> From the whaling town of New Bedford, Massachusetts, to the penal colony in Fremantle, Australia, to the scene of New York's first ever ticker-tape parade, CATALPA is about heroes and visionaries, political intrigue and personal loyalty, with searing romance and battles at sea. It's an epic adventure story that challenges the very nature of heroism.
,br> Donal O'Kelly's thrilling, virtuosic performance creates an astonishingly gripping tapestry, a huge story brought to life by words and music. Featuring live musical accompaniment by Trevor Knight, one of Europe’s top contemporary composer/musicians.

Catalpa has thrilled audiences and dazzled critics all over the world -- Dublin, Melbourne, London, Chicago, Toronto, Washington, Paris, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Geneva. This fall, it finally sets sail for New York.

Fringe First Winner - Edinburgh Theatre Festival

Length: 2 hrs 00 mins. Intermission: Yes


Irish Arts Center

553 West 51st Street