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Sep 25, 2015
Jan 16, 2016


Boogie Stomp! tells the largely untold tale of boogie woogie and how it has shaped popular music, including blues, jazz, swing, stride, rhythm and blues, and. rock and roll. Starring Bob Baldori and Arthur Migliazza, Boogie Stomp! is the story of past and present American and international performers and audiences, and the vibrant music that emerges from their lives.

Boogie Stomp! is also a critically acclaimed documentary, profiling the adventures and performances of Bob Baldori and Bob Seeley as well as documenting the origins, subsequent history and ongoing development of American Piano Music in all its forms – boogie, blues, jazz, swing, stride, rhythm and blues and rock.

Boogie Stomp! also captures the efforts of Bob Baldori, Arthur Migliazza, Bob Seeley and other outstanding keyboard artists not only to preserve “America’s forgotten music” but to bring it into the modern age and make it accessible to contemporary audiences. It is music to party and dance to, and has universal, world wide appeal. Watch it and listen to it as you surf this site and you will know why!