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121 Christopher Street, NY, NY 10014
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Red Bull Theater
121 Christopher Street, NY, NY 10014
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Aug. 27, 2019


Sept. 8, 2019


Oct. 5, 2019

Story for American Moor

An indomitable African-American actor auditioning for the role of Othello must respond to the dictates of a younger, white director who presumes to better understand Shakespeare’s iconic black character. What could possibly go wrong? In this 90-minute, multi-award winning play, this fraught audition turns into an exploration of Shakespeare, race, and America (not necessarily in that order). Fueled by humor and passion, American Moor paints an essential portrait of an American theater unaware of its failures, and of the culture that supports it.

Critics’ Reviews for American Moor

"This deep-from-the-heart spellbinder by Keith Hamilton Cobb is a blisteringly eloquent and penetrating meditation on the ever-urgent matter of race in America."

The Boston Globe