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Comedian Al Lubel reflects upon his narcissism in a one man show about growing up as an only child and the journey to becoming a legend in the NYC stand up comedy scene. Insightful, dramatic and extraordinarily funny, "AL" leaves its audience thoroughly entertained and with much to ponder.

"Al Lubel is a terrifically funny comedian." - David Letterman.

"Al Lubel, who is a very good comedian, has one of the best jokes I ever heard. He says that he's very lazy, and that all he wants to do in life is to eat and rest. That's all that interests him, eating and resting. Which begs the question, what about sex, don't you like sex? And he says yes, because when it's over he's hungry and tired." - Jerry Seinfeld, US Magazine Interview

Al Lubel became a lawyer to please his mother and a comedian to please himself (which did not please his mother). After graduating from law school in Florida, Al moved to Los Angeles, passed the California Bar Exam on his first try and wouldn't you know it, immediately began the practice of stand-up comedy.

Lawyer by day and comedian by night, Al was doing justice to neither. At comedy clubs, the crowds would stare, in court, the juries would laugh. Al gradually began getting work on the road, soon becoming a full-time comic. "I realized I had to give up the practice of law when clients began calling me for legal advice at places like the St. Louis Funny Bone."

So, Al quit the law. This was a good decision, because within a year he won the $100,000 Grand Prize for comedy on Star Search. Doing the "The Tonight Show" was a childhood fantasy, so when Al heard that Johnny Carson was retiring, he auditioned and became one of the last comics to appear with Johnny. More recently, Al just made his fifth appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.

NOTE: No one under 16 years old will be admitted


78th Street Theatre Lab

236 West 78th Street