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About Adams' Apples - Off Broadway

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Inspired by Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard", "Adams' Apples" tells the story of Elizabeth Adams, her daughters, and their circle, as economic forces and the march of progress conspire to threaten their way of life. Adams' Apples is written and directed by Accidental Rep's Artistic Director, John Strasberg, whose international career exemplifies and continues the Strasberg family tradition..
Strasberg will also appear in the production – first time on a New York stage since 1984. Cast includes Virginia Armitage, Wanda Colon, Dennis Davies, Stephen Dym, Cheryl Grant, Keith Herron, Judy Krause, Audrey Lavine, Javier Machado, Jerry Marsini, Bridget Siegel, John Strasberg, Louis Vuolo, James L. Wirt. Stage manager : Sean Demers. Lighting Design: Chris Noke; Costumes: Elizabeth Caruso.
Written by Chekhov around the beginning of the 20th Century, "The Cherry Orchard" is a play about people living through the unrest and turmoil that preceded the Russian revolution. In contrast, "Adams' Apples" takes place in the United States today, a little over 100 years later. The Adams, and the people around them, are characters of today; with the attitudes, beliefs, and problems, that affect us all -- problems of our economy, the environment, questions about what we mean by success and freedom and whether they are more than material success, greed, and license. The times change, but the questions are the same. What is success? What rules the world, power or love? Can they co-exist in a healthy way? In "Adams' Apples" every character wants love, and is afraid of not finding it. Audiences familiar with "The Cherry Orchard" will recognize the roots of "Adams' Apples" as they become involved in the lives and problems of our contemporary characters. And, those who aren't familiar with "The Cherry Orchard" will encounter a play filled with humor, truth, and the comedy and tragedy that make our lives what they are.


The Living Theatre

21 Clinton Street (just below Houston St at Ave B) New York, NY