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About Us offers the best discounts for Broadway shows in New York, as well as tickets to the most-popular, high-demand plays and musicals in NYC.

Our goal at BroadwayBox is to bring you the best discount tickets for Broadway shows. If you love the theater and are looking for Broadway tickets, you can find detailed information on Broadway musicals and plays, as well as discount tickets for Broadway shows, on

Our History

In August of 2001, we went to see the Broadway revival of The Music Man. Since conflicting schedules left us with only one possible date, we decided to buy full price tickets in advance, and not take the risk at TKTS (since there was no guarantee they’d have the tickets that day). The show was great, the cast remarkable and we had good time.

The next morning, we found a flyer in the mail offering $50 tickets for The Music Man, instead of the $90 we paid. I was upset for a few seconds, and then thought that there must be a better way to find about discount offers. At that moment, the idea behind BroadwayBox was born, and like most great ideas it was put aside.

Then comes September 11 and we are all in shock. Thinking what we can do to help New York City recover from the disaster, we decided that encouraging people to visit Broadway and off-Broadway would be our humble contribution.

So here is BroadwayBox, dedicated to the people of New York City.