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11 Natural Reactions to Lesli Margherita's "God Help the Outcasts" From The Hunchback of Notre Dame

August 26th, 2016 by

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11 Natural Reactions to Lesli Margherita's "God Help the ...

Olivier Award winner Lesli Margherita is dazzling West Coast audiences with some of her gypsy, tramp, and thief magic as Esméralda in California Music Circus' production of Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Lesli Margherita GIF- Hunchback- Esmeralda GIF

The once and future Matilda star has had us all holding our breath in anticipation of her big Hunchback showstopper "God Help the Outcasts" and today it finally dropped (beginning at 3:51, but watch the whole thing 'cause DAMN!).

Here are 11 natural reactions we had to hearing it for the first time.

It begins with the prepare for play (wine, tissues, turning off TV and music...whatever you need).

I'm ready GIF

So now you start watching the rest of the b-roll like...

yAS bROAD city Hilary GIF

But then the moment comes at 3:51 (or you're overeager and you fast forward).

Lesli Margherita GIF- Hunchback- Esmeralda GIF

And you know that phrasing has you all.

Michelle GIF

Hearing her lower notes.

mmm phaedra gif

That "God help the outcasts" at 4:13.

flawless guf

And almost instinctively a panic sets in because you're like, "Wait, are they not going to give us the 'I ask for nothing' moment?!"

cut a bitch gif

But God (and the editor of this b-roll) is good and the big moment is there at 4:21.

Lesli margherita GIF- Hunchback- Esmeralda GIF

And as it washes over you, it feels like.

True blood gif

Then she hits it and it's all.

Drag race gif

Beyonce gif

Oprah gif

But it's just a flash and then they move on again (but again, keep watching).

Swan gif

You only have until August 28 to see Lesli's Esmeralda, but you get her Mrs. Wormwood again at Broadway's Shubert Theatre beginning September 6. #LetsGetLoud