Drew Gasparini Credits Sublime, DMB & Paul Simon In The Five Albums That Rocked My World

Last updated September 22nd, 2015 by Drew Gasparini
Drew Gasparini Credits Sublime, DMB & Paul Simon In The Fiv…

Composer and singer/songwriter Drew Gasparini forges a new sound in the intersection between theatre and pop, and September 28 he's headlining at Webster Hall with an evening of all his pop music guaranteed to get you up and dancing.

Before he takes the stage, get an idea of his influences as Drew shares with us five pop/rock albums that totally rocked his world.

Sublime, self titled Sublime

http://s3.amazonaws.com/broadwaybox/mediaspot/sub.jpg Why I Chose It: This album represents a lot of my California roots. When I was recording the songs for my album Small Thoughts I tried so hard to make my voice have the same grit as Bradley Nowell's.

Year I Discovered It: 1997, in the back of my friend's mom's car.

Ultimate track: "Santeria".

The Beatles, Revolver

http://s3.amazonaws.com/broadwaybox/mediaspot/rev.jpg Why I Chose It: I was raised on The Beatles, but this album really struck a chord with my young inner songwriter.

Year I Discovered It: 1990, I was 4 years old and like most music I heard back then, I heard it from my parents' stereo system either in the house or the car.

Ultimate track: "Tax Man".

Dave Matthews, Before These Crowded Streets

http://s3.amazonaws.com/broadwaybox/mediaspot/dmb.jpg Why I Chose It: Dave Matthews is one of the reasons why I wanted to pick up a guitar when I was young, because he has a really inventive style of playing. You can totally hear Dave's influence on my guitar playing in my early recordings.

Year I Discovered It: 1999, I was being an angsty 13-year-old and ignoring my family at some Italian/Catholic gathering of sorts.

Ultimate track: "Rapunzel"...because it's just too damn exciting!

Paul Simon, Graceland

http://s3.amazonaws.com/broadwaybox/mediaspot/grace.jpg Why I Chose It: It's basically the soundtrack of my entire childhood. But what Paul Simon does is create conversations, not just songs. His lyric writing becomes incredibly conversational, and that's so theatrical of him! I constantly think of this album as something close to a perfect album, so it influences anything I'm writing no matter what.

Year I Discovered It: I believe my parents have been playing it since the day I was born in 1986.

Ultimate track: "Under African Skies".

Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti

http://s3.amazonaws.com/broadwaybox/mediaspot/led.jpg Why I Chose It: My dad loved this album. There is an epicene to Led Zeppelin that is so well captured on this record. That fat sound is part of the reason I asked genius musician/orchestrator Charlie Rosen to orchestrate and produce my album I COULD USE A DRINK. To fatten up that live sound.

Year I Discovered It: : 1986.

Ultimate track: "Kashmir".

Don't miss Drew Gasparini flex his pop muscles at Webster Hall on September 28 at 7:30 PM.