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Ballet West Star Beckanne Sisk Shares 5 Videos Non-Dance Fans Should Watch to Fall in Love with Ballet

October 10th, 2017 by

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Ballet West Star Beckanne Sisk Shares 5 Videos Non-Dance ...

Photo by Beau Pearson

Ballet West returns to New York's Joyce Theatre for the first time since its sold-out 2015 engagement for five performance only, October 11-14. Ballet West at the Joyce includes three NY premieres and a preview of their upcoming upcoming 2018 National Choreographic Festival performance. BroadwayBox recruited Ballet West soloist Beckanne Sisk to help get us ready for the major dance event by sharing five videos she thinks everyone should watch as an introduction to the beauty and wonder of ballet.

For me, dance is life. I’m not sure what or where I’d be if I wasn’t a ballerina—but I do know one thing, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am today. I’ve picked my favorite dance videos that show the drama and splendor of ballet and dance. While these performances are as perfect as any human has ever presented them, nothing can replicate seeing them in-person, I hope they’ll inspire viewers to see our performance at The Joyce Theater, October 11-14.

"Tiler Peck—Who Cares"

Tiler Peck is definitely one of the most exciting dancers of our time. She moves so fast! This video shows her incredible range of movement, versatility, and musicality!

"Mikhail Baryshnikov—Don Quixote"

He was—and still is— a true legend. There hasn't been anyone like Baryshnikov. Watch the speed and height of his jumps, just breathtaking! In the world of dance, he is a true icon.

"In the middle somewhat elevated—Sylvie Guillem Laurent Hilaire"

Between Forsythe's choreography and Thom Willems music, I think this is appealing to anyone, especially with that heavy electronic 80’s music.

"Spring Waters—Maria Bylova & Leonid Nikonov”

This is a classic Pas du duex, but it is still performed regularly. It is muscular and athletic, while at the same time displaying poetic movement.

"Petite Mort—Netherlands Dance Theater"

Jiri Kylian's work is timeless, it regularly staged at Ballet West and is a fan favorite every time. I could watch this over and over.  It makes you want to stand up and move.