20 Thoughts We Had While Watching Cynthia Erivo Sing “I’m Here” on Colbert

Last updated May 24th, 2016 by Josh Ferri
20 Thoughts We Had While Watching  Cynthia Erivo Sing “I’m …

The Color Purple

Tony Award frontrunner nominee Cynthia Erivo made her TV debut performance of this season’s biggest showstopper “I’m Here” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and it was EVERYTHING. Here are just 20 thoughts we had while watching Erivo do her thing.

It starts with clearing the next four and half minutes of your life and making sure you're in a place where you can shout and maybe cry.

I'm ready gif

Look at Cynthia...that hair, that sleek black outfit. Slay star!

Cynthia Erivo- I'm Here

Yes to that full orchestra behind her.

Orchestra- Erivo

:30, ok we’re making some cuts but I'm fine at least she’s here.

Im Fine GIF

Whoever shot this understands that they are making TV history. Bravo, sir or ma'am.

Cynthia Erivo GIF

Dose Strings Doe

Strings GIF

That whole "got my eyes, got my chair." I'm dying.

Cynthia Erivo GIF- I'm here- got my eyes

If this doesn’t nearly sell out the run, Trump isn’t our worst problem as a country.

Cynthia Erivo GIF- Color Purple GIF

And this is where I died. (2:32)

Cynthia Erivo- I'm Here- Colbert

Then there’s such a joy that happens for “I believe I have inside of me” (2:43)

Joy- Cynthia Erivi

That "bountiful"—where’d that come from?

Damn GIF

Miss the stomp she does for "tallest tree" during the show (#SuperFan) but I’m living for these growls.

Cynthia Erivo GIF- Tallest tree

Someone watching this needs to offer her an album like yesterday.

Cynthia Erivo GIF-  Album

That fist pump is mood.

Cynthia Erivo GIF- Fist Bump GIF

Then it’s so soft, so delicate.

Cynthia Erivo GIF-

It was during this “I’m beautiful” that I knew I’d be pressing repeat for the better part of an hour.

Cynthia Erivo GIF- I'm Beautiful GIF

Those final notes. Slay queen.

Cynthia erivo- Im Here GIF

This is the Broadway equivalent of watching Khaleesi walk through fire time and again on Game of Thrones, 'cause every time you're like, 'Damn, I will follow you anywhere.'

Game of thrones- fire gif

Yes, standing ovation after. Damn right.

Cynthia Erivo GIF- Standing Ovation GIF

And repeat.

Do it again GIF

See Cynthia Erivo do this live in The Color Purple at the Jacobs Theatre.