In Honor of New York Fashion Week: Broadway’s 10 Best Dressed Characters

February 7th, 2014 by


As all eyes in the fashion world are on New York City for the semi-annual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, BroadwayBox is giving it up for the 10 best dressed characters currently on Broadway. Get ready as witches, music icons and fairy tale characters storm this Times Square runway.

10. Tanya, Mamma Mia!

Tanya- Best Dressed- Mamma Mia

Photo by Joan Marcus

From dancing queen to fashion queen.

9. Glinda, Wicked

Glinda- Wicked- Best Dressed

Photo by Joan Marcus

The key to being popular is a killer wardrobe.

8. Carole King, Beautiful

Carole King- Beautiful- Best Dressed

Photo by Joan Marcus

On stage Carole King is just a beautiful, natural woman. (And that blue number in the middle is everything when you see it live!)

7. Sibella, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

Sibella- Gentleman's Guide- Best Dressed

Photo by Bruce Glikas & Henry DiRocco

The D’Ysquith clan would die to look as divine as the social-climbing tart Sibella.

6. Madame, Cinderella

Madame- Cinderella- Best Dressed

Photo by @FranDrescher & Bruce Glikas

Fran Drescher is bringing couture to this classic fairy tale.

5. Cynthia Weil, Beautiful

Cynthia - Beautiful- Anika- Best Dressed

Photo by Anika Larsen

Cynthia Weil's wardrobe is so polished, it would make any 'Mad Men' character jealous.

4. Fantasia Barrino as herself, After Midnight

Fantasia- After Midnight- Best Dressed

Photo by Matthew Murphy

Decked out in stunning Isabel and Ruben Toledo gowns, Fantasia looks like a star headliner should.

3. Christine Daae, Phantom of the Opera

Christine Daae- Phantom- Best Dressed

Photo by Joan Marcus

Even as she is stalked by a killer Phantom, Christine's look is always flawless and expensive.

2. Lola, Kinky Boots

Lola- Kinky Boots- Best Dressed

Photo by Matthew Murphy

Sex is in the heel, the skirt, and just about any other article of clothing worn by Ms. Lola in 'Kinky Boots.'

1. Diana Ross, Motown

Diana Ross- Motown- Best Dressed

Photo by Joan Marcus

There's no easy way to describe the onstage looks of Broadway's best dressed character, Diana Ross in 'Motown.' They must be experienced and appreciated live.