12 Moments From the New Once Ad That Gave Us Life

June 11th, 2014 by

12 Moments From the New Once Ad That Gave Us Life

The romantic Tony Award-winning musical Once released a brand-new TV spot and we cannot stop watching it. It grabs you in way that only this show (about an Irish guy and a Czech woman who fall in love through music) can.

The 12 Things We Felt Watching the 30-Second Spot:

  • Wow. Joanna Christie is gorgeous.

  • Paul Alexander Nolan looks perfect as Guy.

  • The ensemble really makes this show magical.

  • *Sigh* When Joanna Christie touches her heart.

  • These camera angles are ridiculous.

  • Did she just twirl onto the bar in one fluid movement?

  • The music is gorgeous.

  • Paul Nolan is giving heartbroken really well.

  • Joanna’s accomplishes a full soliloquy in that sigh at the 21-second mark.

  • Gee, Once won a lot of awards.

  • And Guy and Girl's eye contact…done.

  • Damn, I need to see Once again.

Four Moments Worth a Double Take:

Once- Broadway- GIF- Joanna Christie

Once- Broadway- GIF- Paul Nolan

Once- Broadway- GIF- Ensemble

Once- Broadway- GIF- Joanna Christie- Paul Nolan

'Once' plays at Broadway's Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre.