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Using heart-wrenching emails from soldiers in Irag along with TV news footage and Rumi & WW I poetry, Sanctuary is a new play written and performed by theater and film actress Susanna Sulby, and stage by veteran director Stephen Stahl. Powerful, provocative and poignant, Sanctuary looks at the impact of war on women over the centuries.

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Running Time
55 minutes (no intermission)
May be inappropriate for 13 and under.
Jan 3, 2016
Jan 7, 2016
Jan 23, 2016


A dynamic and, at times, disturbing multimedia performance, Sanctuary focuses primarily on three female characters: a mother bombarded by television broadcasts of destruction and death, a detached war correspondent, and a POW in Kosovo. All three are deeply affected by the brutality and senselessness of war. Each seeks refuge, sanctuary, from its violence. Incorporating writings from Rumi's poetry to soldiers’ emails, Sanctuary follows the intransigence of war throughout history. A theme emerges: one war is like another, as seen in the compelling use of video footage from conflicts spanning the last century. Can we possibly break the cycle? Yes.


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