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Trevor Ferguson's, Zarathurstra Said Some Things, No? In which Adrienne and Ricky, a young Canadian couple living in Paris, have entered into a suicide plot. Today is their chosen time to die. True, this is the fourth consecutive day designated as their last alive, yet all the elements are now in place, as Adrienne's conditions to leap from their high balcony at sunset have been met. Under the burden of their decision, they relive their lives through storytelling, elaborate mind-games of their own invention, mock group therapy sessions, personal attacks, shared secrets, and intimate, sexual, cruel and even humorous moments. As critical truths surface, so does a tenacious life-force, a willingness to live despite themselves; yet each revealed truth evokes a correspondingly provocative tale. Grievances, sexual and drug addictions, recurring mistakes, the acknowledgement of their psychic rifts and the damage done, spins them out of control. They alternate between light and shadow and edge closer to the precipice as the sun sets, when they will choose to live or die.


Shetler Theatre 54

244 West 54th Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10019