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Fun fun show!

This show was so much fun. It was so funny & entertaining. Loved the Cuban/Latino jokes. The actress sang just like Gloria Esteban; she was very well cas. I cried in some scenes, did a lot of laughing & clapping during others. It was an excellent show. If you are looking for a fun, wnergetic show, i Highly recommend it.

Written on March, 31st 2017

I loved that musical

I loved Gloria ever seen i was a Little girl she is my long term idol I sang along to every single song of hers even her Spanish songs. I did the jump that she did on March ,1 1991 when she did her into the light world tour when she sang get on your feet I sang word for word I even dressed just like her!

Written on February, 6th 2017

Stellar performance, mesmerizing story

I was blown away by this highly rewarding show. The script was complex, psychologically nuanced and very moving. The acting and dancing were flawless. The lead was superb! I laughed, sang, cried. I love this show to bits.

Written on February, 5th 2017


Everything was super!!!

Written on January, 9th 2017