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The characters were amazing, they indulged you in their well told story about the wicked witch of the west. A definite must see.

Written on November, 16th 2017

The BEST musical EVER

The characters were amazing in the indulged you in this well told story. Go see if you can it's worth the money.

Written on November, 13th 2017

Fantastic start--

My first ever Broadway show. I've seen touring companies perform shows in California, but they don't compare to the magic that happens in NYC. Wicked is a captivating story that calls upon your imagination to relive a new understanding of the wizard of oz

Written on September, 30th 2017

100% Worth the Money

I have seen Wicked twice, once on Broadway and once in Charlotte, both shows leaving me speechless. I am obsessed with Wicked and it is by far one of the best musicals ever. I would (and do) recommend seeing Wicked to anyone and everyone.

Written on September, 26th 2017


The best play I've seen this year will recommend you see this play

Written on July, 31st 2017

Amazing from start to finish!

The plot was interesting and I was surprised how the writing and performance kept all ages engaged. The set, special effects, and singing were outstanding. The entire play did not disappoint. The actresses who played Glenda and Elphaba were on point and Sheryl Lee Ralph was great.Three words: Go see it!

Written on July, 26th 2017

A Wicked Show

Wicked was so amazing!!! I would see it every day if I could. The cast did an amazing job. Kara Lindsay portrayed Glinda so well. She was very talented vocally and super funny. Jenny DiNoia was amazing as Elphaba!! She is a fantastic performer. What a great story.

Written on July, 12th 2017


Incredible! The cast is amazing and all of the singers, especially the woman who plays Elfaba, was so powerful! The sets were fantastic! And the song "Defying Gravity" was beautifully done, and with very powerful vocals! The plot was very interesting and made me think about how lies and rumors, can change the story completely. I really loved this musical.

Written on May, 27th 2017

Chicago musical

This is a must to visit place in New York and enjoy one of great musical. I've been on Chicago musical. It was amazing show.

Written on March, 23rd 2017

excellent show! MUST SEE

I loved the whole show the cast is very talented. I would see it again for sure.

Written on March, 19th 2017

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