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Waitress Reviews

Ethel Barrymore Theatre

Latest Reviews for Waitress

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Waitress- don’t wait!

Wow- I was with a friend taking a course in New York City, we walked up to the box office and bought tickets in the mezzanine. We could see everything just fine, and it was beautiful. The star can sing her heart out, better than most Broadway singers. She was absolutely phenomenal. The music is amazing and you will not be disappointed. It moves fast, the themes are funny, and the scenes are gorgeous. Amazing set, and the band behind the set is extremely tight. What a great night. I’m going again this week.

Written on October, 21st 2017

Worth Every Penny

"Waitress" was everything I would hope to see in a musical! The music was absolutely outstanding!!! The plot line was fun and you will find yourself rooting for Jenna throughout her entire journey! The set, dancing, singing, plot, interactions between cast members, everything was so on point; you can't ask for a better Show!

Written on February, 28th 2017

Best Birthday Present!

My husband got me tickets to see Waitress on my birthday. As much as I lived the movie in which it was based, I thought I would enjoy the musical but had no idea!!!! The music, the spirit, and the performances provided an altogether different experience. The musical is wonderful!!! I want to see it again!

Written on December, 10th 2016