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Tokio Confidential, a Richard Rodgers Award finalist, is an original music-theater piece about an American Civil War widow who journeys to Japan in 1879. While there, she falls in love with a renowned Japanese tattoo artist who, by drawing on her entire body and turning her into a work of art, unwittingly puts her life in danger.

Loosely based on the premise of what might have happened to Henry James' famous character Isabel Archer from 1881's The Portrait of a Lady had she traveled east instead of west, this new musical traces just such a journey by a character of the same name. With words and music by Eric Schorr (Frog Kiss, The Doctor's Wife), Tokio Confidential finds Civil War widow Isabel Archer traveling to exotic 19th-century Japan. There, she becomes captivated by the forbidden art of tattooing, falls for a master artist, gets inked herself -- and unwittingly puts her life in danger. Johanna McKeon directs the show, which owes a debt to the Japanese noh tradition and features choreography by Tricia Brouk.

Confidential Author/Book: Eric Schorr , Director: Johanna McKeon, Choreographer: Tricia Brouk, Lyricist & Composer Eric Schorr


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