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"THE PIGMAN OF DELANCEY STREET... and Other Weird ALMOST Totally True Tales of Old NYC!" You think you know all those WEIRD amazing ALMOST totally true tales about old NYC? Well, prepare've never experienced anything like this before.... Alligators in the sewers! The Fee Gee Mermaid! Albino Cannibals Roaming the Subways? Bodies Under The Floorboards! Who dares to wear the DEADLY fur coat? Involuntary Organ Donors! The Murderous Midtown Minister! What Horror Lies Beyond The Cellar Door? The year thousands of New Yorkers were destroyed by a mindless killer! And...who in Hell was THE PIGMAN OF DELANCEY STREET??? RADIOTHEATRE presents a new group, AMAZING STORIES, which incorporates STORY TELLING with sound effects and full musical scoring in an environmental atmosphere.



245 W 54th St. NYC