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The Other Josh Cohen Reviews

Westside Theatre

Latest Reviews for The Other Josh Cohen

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Great Fun

The Other Josh Cohen is a delightful romp through the trials and tribulations of a young man whose apartment was robbed of everything but one Neil Diamond CD. He relates the year in which he wallows in self-pity only to be rescued by a letter from someone named Irma Cohen. The twist in the story comes when a check made out to Josh Cohen is for the other Josh Cohen. Faced with a dilemma, the stage Cohen wrestles with his conscience and values. The music and staging are delightful with each of the band members taking various characters’ parts. Steve Rosen and understudy Zach Spound play the onstage Josh Cohen a year apart. This is a play that is pure entertainment and will leave you feeling happy.

Written on January, 3rd 2019

Smiles all around!

What a more than pleasant surprise! The performers are all so talented, singing, playing their own instruments in multiple parts.. a non-stop show full of clever dialogue and a fun premise. There's not a moment when you're not smiling... something that's needed these days! Go see this, you won't be disappointed.

Written on January, 2nd 2019