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The Merchant of Venice is a comedy about 4 contracts and 4 outcasts. The contracts deal with flesh, rings, caskets and livery, and the play asks how you respond to a broken deal, with justice or mercy. The outcasts are Shylock, Morocco, Arragon and Old Gobbo, the Jew, Muslim, Hispanic and blind guy.

The play is swift moving and funny. We'll do it in 1 hour 40 minutes with no intermission. We'll do it with 7 super actors including 5 with disabilities. To see more about our Shakespeare work and read some of our fabulous reviews, check it out on our website,

The play is usually seen as dealing with anti-Semitism but we think it's about otherness in general. To point this up, all 4 of the others will be played by one actor, Nicholas Viselli, showing the parallel of prejudice based on race, religion and disability in a multicultural society that’s an international trading center. Be it Venice in 1600 or NYC now, it’s a place where cultures clash and conflicts ensue.

Cast Members: Mary Archbold, Melanie Boland, Stephen Drabicki, David Harrell, Gregg Mozgala, Pamela Sabaugh, Nicholas Viselli

Running Time: 2 hours, including one intermission


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