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The Last Ship Reviews

Neil Simon Theatre

Latest Reviews for The Last Ship

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Very Enjoyable Show

My wife and I caught the show in December. The music was beautiful, and the cast excellent. I was really pulling for the show to last. I'm sorry it didn't. I think it will prove to be an unexpected gem for community theaters who perform the show over the next couple of years.

Written on January, 21st 2015


This show was amazing! A beautiful story, with amazing music and lyrics. Sting created a musical the way they should be. The cast is perfect. They each have completely become their character. Sting has shared a part of his own history in a way that should live on in theater for a very long time. This show is worth every penny of the ticket price. It is true musical theater. You will laugh, cry and tap your feet. Will see again!!

Written on January, 4th 2015

Deserving of Tony Awards!

Last summer, I saw The Last Ship when it previewed in Chicago. I found the production to be absolutely mesmerizing, and moving. It is at times funny, at times quite moving. The score resonates. It is brilliant. Yesterday, I flew from Chicago to New York to see The Last Ship a second time. Yes, it is worthy of taking a plane, bus or train to see. Really. Bravo Sting!

Written on December, 11th 2014

Unexpected delight, loved it

The score was poetry set to music, pure Sting. The cast was wonderful, great voices, good acting. It was a pure delight, and unexpected. It had all the components of a first class Broadway show.

Written on December, 11th 2014

A hidden Gem

This isn't a cartoon turned into a play- it's much more. It has a story, interesting characters and a grata score by Sting. The new songs are even more appealing than the few older Sting songs. The story is affecting on many levels. This musical is among the best playing right now and well worth the money, especially when there are lots if discounts available. Go see it!

Written on November, 18th 2014

Wonderful and Moving Show

The music and the cast were wonderful! The music and the performers were exceptionally good. I would like to see the play again.

Written on November, 14th 2014

Better Than the Book of Mormon

The music was fantastic - the acting was excellent - wonderful love story - it was just about perfect theater.

Written on November, 10th 2014

A wonderful broadway experience!

Loved every minute of this well orchestrated story of the lives of Irish shipworkers. Many of the songs gave us the chills. The cast is a+ and perfectly in tune. The duets exquisite. Sting appeared at the curtain call with devil horns. The cast and audience went crazy. Go see the last ship. You will be totally entertained.

Written on November, 1st 2014

Great show!

The music was powerful and the story was wonderful. My sisters and I loved every minute! We go to the theater regularly and we give this show rave reviews. Full house with standing ovation! Bravo to all the actors!!

Written on October, 25th 2014


Everything! Just left the nyc show and cried when it ended. So well done. Gifted actors amazing music and great story Sting has given everyone am outstanding gift thank you

Written on September, 29th 2014

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