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The King and I Reviews

Vivian Beaumont Theater - Lincoln Center

Latest Reviews for The King and I

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Long Live The King

After seeing Yul Brynner as The King twice and in the movie, I did not think anyone else could fill his slippers. Ken Watanabe fills the stage, I think he was amazing in the part. Not a singer, this is not a play that needs The King to sing, he needs to be The King. The opening with the ship which appears to come into your lap. "The Dress" as beautiful as ever. The children are a big smile. Anna, brave and wise , with a voice the angels must love. The costumes you must love the costumes and sets. It is all there for you to enjoy. At the end, you cry to see this man passing, for a brief moment I thought I saw Yul Brynner smiling. I could never be a critic, I love theater too much.

Written on April, 12th 2015


Loved the staging, costumes, songs that are classics, Ms Ohara and several of the female leads. However, couldn't understand half of what Ken Watanabe was saying as he mumbled through his lines in a thick Asian accent.

Written on March, 27th 2015