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The Hill Town Plays is a cycle of five plays: Ashville, Killers and Other Family, Scarcity, Where We're Born, and Stay.

August 21st – Sept 28th, 2013
Sixteen year-old Celia longs for more than her small Western Massachusetts town, but finds herself trapped in an unhealthy vicious cycle with her alcoholic mother and her burnout boyfriend, Jake. When Jake proposes to her, Celia must decide what she wants from her life – especially as a friendship with a neighbor becomes complicated.

Killers and Other Family
August 14th – Sept 28th, 2013
Trying to escape her painful past, Elizabeth has dedicated herself to finishing her dissertation and building a life with her partner, Claire. Their routine is disrupted by a visit from Elizabeth's brother and her troubled childhood lover, as they threaten to ruin all she's built and pull her back into a cycle of destruction.

August 14th – Sept 28th, 2013
A young Rachel watches her dejected father and mother deal with the day-to-day drudgery of their lives in a small Western Massachusetts town, determined to hold the family together while her older brother Billy looks for an escape. Their lives are interrupted by the comings and goings of equally desperate friends, and a teacher whose own desires disrupt everything in an unexpected way.

Where We’re Born
August 14th – Sept 28th, 2013
Home after her first semester at a prestigious East Coast college, Lily is confronted by her working class roots and the ties that bind her to her rural Massachusetts town. Seeking solace in the home of her cousin Tony and his girlfriend Franky, Lily struggles to bridge the gap between the girl she was and the young woman she is becoming.

August 22nd – Sept 28th, 2013
Years of hard work have finally paid off for Rachel, who now holds a coveted professorship and enjoys success as a published author. Her world is turned upside-down when her degenerate brother appears on her doorstep and a brilliant but troubled student unleashes chaos in her life.


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