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When THE HAIRY APE, one of Eugene O'Neill's favorite plays, opened in 1922 it set the theatrical world on fire. This journey of a dark-souled, brutish ship laborer known as Yank is a riveting story of a common man's search for belonging in a world controlled by the rich and powerful. As head coal stoker on an ocean liner, Yank is in his element: he rules his dark smoky world- he powers the ship- he belongs. But when the beautiful, pale, spoiled daughter of the ship's owner visits the engine room for a thrill, she is at once repulsed and terrified by Yank and what she sees there. Half in love with the unattainable and half blinded by rage, the bewildered Yank blunders violently through Manhattan seeking at once revenge and a place in a society which refuses him. THE HAIRY APE remains a vibrant and eloquent work and a timeless classic.


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