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The Fantasticks Reviews

Snapple Theater Center 3rd Floor

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The Fantasticks is SuperFantastick!

The Fantasticks is SUPERFantastick. It just goes to show you that you don't need 65 million dollars to tell a story. This classic production, which originated at the Sullivan Street Playhouse in 1969, sill delivers the goods. Gorgeous French impressionistic music, lilting ballads, smart upbeats, romance, comedy, the Fantasticks has it all. It's a timeless tale that won't appeal to those who think Mamma Mia or Rock of Ages is theater, and thank goodness. It does not need towers of amplifiers to make up for the fact that those shows lack musicality, theatrics, and talent. No, The Fantasticks is a charming little show that packs the emotional punch of the 14 million dollar "Wicked" which stands like an ominous tower across the street. Best of all, this show still attracts top talent to its cast. Matt and Louisa were perfection, but El Gallo, per usual, stole the show. There is a reason a show lasts for 50 years, while we can't try to remember lesser shows that come and go. "The Fantasticks" is the real deal. It's the stuff theater legend is made of. Go see it!

Written on March, 16th 2011

Increadible voices, tender & funny acting, a treat for everyone !

If you love theatre, then this is the show you must see. I visit it every time I travel to NYC and so appreciate how they have replicated the original staging as much as possible. Nowhere will you find a better score, a more beautiful story and cleaver interpretations by all the actors. With the audience this close you need to be real and every time Ive seen it here at the Snapple, no matter who the cast is, I am instantly drawn in by the charm...even though we need to use our imagination it is totally believable and magical. Sit in the middle or as close as you can to get the full effect. The sparse sets & costumes add to the romance. Se it, see it, see it !!!! No matter what elese I see, on-broadway or off, this show is always my favorite. In my town Ive directed this and acted in it and if you want a superb example of how to do this show, then see this version.You will never regret it.

Written on March, 20th 2010

Fantasticks is FANTASTICK

The FANTASTICKS is back better than ever, though I didn't know it had left. This classic has the most glorious music,and the man who plays El Gallo has an incredible voice.The love couple Matt and Luisa are adorable, particularly Matt(Nick Spangler) who is on the Amazing Race with his sister. There are no swear words so you can take your 8yr old and your Granny, and everyone will be happy.

Written on October, 5th 2008

Brilliant production

This is one of the classics, and the current revival production is amazing. The cast is one better than the next, the score is treated with such delicate brilliance. there were four of us in our group: one young child, one teenager, my mother who is in her sixties and myself, a 35 year old woman. we all loved it, even the teenager raved about it for days! we each found something to identify with. two hours of bliss.

Written on July, 24th 2008

A great show

Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! Great show, unforgetful music and amazing cast!

Written on August, 21st 2007

An enchanting show

I loved this show. It's simple and endearing. The cast is excellent and Nick Spangler has to have one of the best singing voice is New York right now. The rest of the cast is exemplary. It was wonderful to hear music played solely on a piano and harp.


Written on August, 6th 2007

Awesome show!

I can't beleive people have given this a bad review. I went to this show in Feb 2007 and it was phenomenal. The singing, the acting, the story, the characters were great!!! We saw 4 shows while there and this was classic Broadway quality in a smaller theatre! It is a must see and a good deal!

Written on April, 15th 2007

the simple pleasures in life

An enchanting theatrical experience. Rich melodic melodies will keep you humming for weeks. This is a great show for a first date.....charming, charming, charming.

Written on February, 15th 2007