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With bedtime stories by French maids, magic candy from flying witches, succulent borscht from the Dells of Wisconsin, and a healthy dose of uncontrolled nymphomania and sword-swashbuckling, this raucous, absurd farce is better than nitrous oxide! Open wide and say AAAAAAAH! Pantalone, he of the corpulent girth, extended ego, aged years and extreme wealth has decided to take the lovely (and much younger) Isabella as his new bride, despite the fact that she is in love with his son Oratio, and he with her. It's up to Pantalone's crafty servant Pedrolino to save the day. Aided by Isabella's maidservant Franceschina, her self-absorbed brother Flavio, Pantalone's nymphomaniac daughter and a very angry doctor, Pedrolino concocts a scheme to make Pantalone believe he has the worst breath in history, figuring that while Pantalone goes to seek the help of a dentist, the young lovers will have time to run away together. (Ever notice how young lovers always seem to need help in these sorts of stories?) However the path of true love never runs smooth, nor do schemes to keep it so, it seems; and Pedrolino has to contend with a rhyming witch, several misguided suitors for Isabella's hand, and some candy that has a very unusual effect upon whomever so shall decide to take a taste -- all the while trying to keep his own plans on track. A hit at the 2000 International Fringe Festival, The Dentist was also staged at the Duplex Cabaret in New York for several weeks in 2005.


Manhattan Repertory Theatre

303 West 42nd St.3rd floor, New York, NY 10036