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More Than Just Doomsday

Like Fukushima, Japan, the setting of The Children takes place over similar circumstances in a nuclear holocaust when a reactor fails and a tsunami covers the surrounding territory. In addition to a love triangle, the plot revolves around the faulty relationship of Hazel (Deborah Findlay) and her philandering husband Robin (Ron Cook) as Rose (Francesca Annis) enters the picture. Not only has the nuclear reactor failed, but despite their impressive academic credentials, the three characters have failed to achieve what they wanted in life and ultimately succumb in a sea of their own undoing. The Children can inherit nothing in the future as the half-life of the nuclear waste will outlast them as the half satisfied life of their forbears is drowned in the wave engulfing them all. This is a dark play, well acted by a troupe from London in a cautionary tale to be careful what one wishes for and never quite achieves, or once gotten there is grossly disappointed or destroyed.

Written on January, 28th 2018