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New World Stages - Stage 5

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Castle II: exposure to the people of unseen and the stories remained unheard

The show tells the tales of four former convicts and describes the metamorphosis they had achieved with the support from the halfway house called the Castle. Castle II, which opened on Tuesday night in the Engleman Recital Hall at the Baruch Performing Arts Center, demonstrates Rothenburg's commitment to reforming the criminal justice system. Rothenberg’s main objective in this show is to make the audience understand that people in jail are still just people, and that they are capable of starting over. By shedding light on the criminal justice issues with this first-person narrative style, Rothenberg’s production created an intimate and conversational atmosphere. The audience was fully drawn into four characters' touching personal stories and easily remained engaged as the performers took turns sharing their stories in monologue form. Not only has The Castle achieved discovering a new content market, it has also succeeded in stressing a sharp issue regarding human rights as well as challenging the traditionally authoritative criminal justice system by revealing the society the real life in the prison.

Written on May, 18th 2017