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The Band's Visit Reviews

Barrymore Theatre

Latest Reviews for The Band's Visit

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Wonderful !

A Band's Visit is a simply Joyous and SUBTLE musical that drives home a wonderful message of welcoming strangers even if they are from the total opposite place as yours. So sweet, and delightful; I'd Highly recommend it.

Written on November, 25th 2018

Utterly Delightful

The Band's Visit details a small incident among residents of a tiny desert town in Israel, Bet Hatikvah, and the touring Egyptian Alexandria Ceremonial Band. The musicians were scheduled to play at the Egyptian Cultural Center in Petah Tikvah. Thus the play evolves with the larger themes about relationships not only between residents and their Egyptian visitors, but also among the Israelis themselves. Dina (Katrina Lenk) is sultry an yearning for a relationship with Tewfiq (Tony Shaloub). the staid band's conductor. Haled (Ari'el Stachel), a percussion and trumpet player, befriends awkward Papi (Daniel David Stewart) and teaches him how to communicate with his date. Finally, Itzik (John Cariani) and his wife regain the magic and love between them before the birth of their fussy baby ultimately soothed by the sound of Camal’s (George Abud) lullaby. This is a heartwarming play that puts a face on humbly welcoming and sharing what the Israelis have with seemingly different people. The characters all discover their basic humanity and kindness as they connect with one another.

Written on January, 28th 2018

Human moments musical

Delightful show, taking the best of the movie’s plot lines and punchlines combining with some very good musical numbers to make a visit to this one mandatory. Truly an ensemble piece, with a certain Tony nomination going to Katrina Lenk. Don’t expect a “Hamilton” or “Evan Hansen” experience, but you will enjoy and agree the ending is perfect.

Written on November, 24th 2017

Melodious, Magical and Marvelous

Motivated to see the musical given my fondness for the movie upon that it is based, I'd like to say each has a life of its own but no less equally endearing and emotionally stirring. It's been a while since a musical score has featured so many catchy tunes of the "humming-to-yourself-on-the-way-out-of-the-theatre" variety and all composed in such a wide range of styles and motifs. While I may have staged the ending a bit differently, I applaud this charming triumph whole-heartedly!

Written on November, 12th 2017