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Latest Reviews for The Awesome 80s Prom

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Party Like It's 1989!

I went to the prom last weekend with some friends and I had a blast! If you love the 80s and you love to dance then this show is perfect for you!

Written on February, 3rd 2012

I LOVE THE 80s and 80s PROM!

If you loved VH1's I loved the 80s, then you'll have a blast at this show. So much better than my high school prom, especially since this one has a bar!

Toats suggest you go!

Written on January, 20th 2009

The Best Interactive Show Out There!

I had SUCH a blast at The Awesome 80

Written on July, 21st 2008

the awesome prom was AWESOME

In a word - AWESOME!!

As a graduate of the class of 1984 and having never been to my own prom - it was SO MUCH FUN being able to experience it like this! My boyfriend and I had an absolute BLAST!!

Thank you AWESOME 80's Prom!! I'm telling EVERYONE I KNOW to attend!

Written on June, 23rd 2008

Fun and funny interactive show!

This show is soooo much fun, I was dancing all night - I went with a bunch of my girlfriends and it was so funny!

Written on June, 23rd 2008

More fun than my own Prom!

I had a better time at this prom than at my own. It was hysterical and I loved that we actually got to dance and interact with characters like we were all at a prom together - it was better than I expected! I forgot how much fun it was to dress up and dance to the 80's! Totally nostalgic!

Written on December, 3rd 2007

The Awesome 80s Prom is AWESOME!

I just went to The Awesome 80s Prom this weekend and had a great time. It is just like going to an actual prom in 1989. I am an 80s freak so I had a blast. My favorite part was when I was went to the bathroom to "freshen up" and the cheerleaders were in there fighting over this frosted pink lipstick. They got me in to the argument over who it looked best on. It was awesome.

We danced all night long, and I don't think my feet have ached that much since my actual prom in 1987! I even got to dance with the "bad boy" character who is modeled after Judd Nelson's character in "The Breakfast Club". I had such a crush on him when that movie came out. It was like all my 80s high school dreams had come true.

I definitely reccommend this show/party to anyone who is looking for something totally different. It's not a typical show since you are up dancing the whole night and the characters are trying to interact with literally everyone in the audience. But that's what makes it great.

Written on December, 3rd 2007

Awesome night out

I had an awesome time here with my girlfriends! It's really relaxed and funny, and different because you can talk to the characters and even have a say in how it turns out! With dancing & a bar, it was the best night out!

Written on December, 3rd 2007