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Emily Porter was a happy, small-town-girl and housewife. Her escape from life was to marry Harry, her high school sweetheart. She had no desire for children and was supremely content to live a sheltered existence in her own Ivory Tower. Suddenly, her days of wine and roses come crashing down. Harry has found That Other Woman. Unable to remain alone in her home with its memories, Emily moves in with her sister, Cora, where Emily must learn to cope with a terrifying world that is hard, jagged and dirty, and can hurt like hell. But, led by her sister Cora, who knows it all too well, slowly, like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, Emily begins to grow, to cope, to blossom, and even to fall in love. Eventually, Emily becomes the strong one, competent, even beautiful, taking control of her life and of her future.

Cast Members: Yoni Ben-Yehuda, Michael Bernardi, Heath Carr, Lash Dooley, Ashley Rebecca Farley, Krista Giffin, Charlotte Grant, Virginia Logan Athena Masci, R. J. Seikaly


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