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Barcelona. Passion. Art. Gazpacho. TERESA'S ECSTASY is a passionately charged look at politics, religion and love. Carlotta's return to Barcelona has two purposes. It's a stopover on the way to Avila, where she is researching an article on St. Teresa, a 16th century nun. It's also to serve her husband Andres with divorce papers. Over a sumptuous lunch of wine and gazpacho, Andres fights to rekindle their relationship. But Carlotta is on a quest for the divine, and in the process of discovering the mystical Teresa's Ecstasy, she discovers herself.

TERESA'S ECSTASY is by Begonya Plaza, directed by Will Pomerantz, with original music by Albert Carbonell, featuring Shawn Elliott, Linda Larkin and Begonya Plaza.

LIMITED RUN! through APRIL 1, 2012


Cherry Lane Theatre

38 Commerce Street
New York, NY