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SIN A Mystical Comedy is based on Isaac Bashevis Singer's The Unseen Adapted by Mark Altman. With all the lush richness of an Isaac Bashevis Singer short story comes this deceptively simple play complete with devil, demons and infidelity.

On Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year, the Devil and his demons descend on the tiny town of Frampol. Satan has chosen this most solemn of occasions to test the faith of plump and middle-aged Nosn and Royze Temerl and in the process ruin their lives. But in the end who is the victor and who the vanquished?

The world, which the reader encounters in Singer's stories, is a very Jewish but also a very human world. It appears to include everything - pleasure and suffering, coarseness and subtlety. We find obstrusive carnality, spicy, colourful, fragrant or smelly, lewd or violent. But there is also room for sagacity, worldly wisdom and shrewd speculation. The range extends from the saintly to the demoniacal, from quiet contemplation and sublimity, to ruthless obsession and infernal confusion or destruction.”

Cast: Marilyn Chris: “Royze”
Pierre Epstein: “Mayshe”
Anatol Yusef: “Leybish”
Jessiee Datino: “Dvoyre”
Paul Collins: “Nosin”

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