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Enduring Meaning

Significant Other takes the audience into the lives of four twenty-somethings who are making their way in the world and looking for fulfillment in their personal lives. Three young women: Kiki (Sas Goldberg), Vanessa (Rebecca Naomi Jones), and Laura (Lindsey Mendez) find husbands while Jordan Berman (Gideon Glick) searches for his. There is much soul-searching among the group over drinks and revealing vignettes into their inner thoughts and insecurities. Barbara Barrie, a 75-year-old actress, portrays a doting grandmother in the play. She is the sounding board for Jordan who wants to find not-so traditional happiness through his grandmother’s experience. Glick’s Jordan gives a tour-de-force performance that reaches its climax in the second act’s soliloquy. This is really a two-character play exploring the friendship between Laura and Jordan, former roommates, much like the sitcom Will and Grace featuring a straight woman and gay man. The questions of what gives life meaning and what friendship really entails gives the audience something substantive to think about and discuss after the final curtain. The play is raucous and raunchy as well as funny and poignant. It is worth seeing for the enduring connections between generations between friends and family as well as archetypal truths of life.

Written on February, 22nd 2017